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Welcome To Phils Sausages - The Best Sausages in Town! 

"That was a really good breakfast, lovely sausages!" This phrase could be heard in your hotel, bed and breakfast or café. It may cost a little more for good sausages but you would be justified in charging slightly more for the meal and the repeat business would be well worth it. People travel a long way for a tasty sausage but now people in Hampshire can find excellent sausages on their doorstep!

Phil the award winning sausage maker who's titles include; the New Forest, Hampshire and British champion, makes sausages in the shop daily.

Some of the sausage varieties are listed below.

If you do not see a variety that you like please ask Phil and if it is possible he will make it for you.



The first sausage I ever made back in the 60's. This sausage contains
around 70% meat all of it pork. It contains rusk (a crumbled wheat
biscuit) to give the sausage its traditional British soft texture and is
flavoured with a traditional blend of herbs and spices to give a delicious
but well-rounded taste. There is just enough fat in the sausage to cook but you will notice that there will very little residue in the frying pan or the grill. This sausage is still the best selling sausage in the shop.
The following varieties are variations of the standard pork recipe.

contains a mixture of herbs and onions.

flavoured with a mixture of herbs a standard sausage in Lincoln 

Pork & Watercress
A slight peppery taste is given by the use of chopped Hampshire

Pork & Ale
English bitter transforms the taste of the standard sausage 

Pork & Guinness
As above but with the stronger taste of Irish porter 

Pork and Apple
Cloves and apple give a slightly sweet flavour that complements the pork.

Pork and Tomato
Popular in the midlands and now catching on down south. 

A very popular variety a pronounced but not overpowering flavour of leeks

A strong flavour of garlic blended with paprika and cumin gives a strong 
and distinctive flavour, excellent for barbecues.

Gluten Free Pork
originally produced for people on a specific, (Coeliac) diet. This sausage is made using a traditional spices but a continental method of manufacture (see below) using no rusk. This sausage is now becoming popular with people that do not have any specific dietary requirement

The second sausage I ever made, this used to be a down market variety as only 50% meat is needed legally, I have upgraded this sausage to 70% as in the pork and use leaner beef. Beef fat tends melt easier than pork consequently you will find more residues in your grill pan and a drier finished product. Very popular with my Scottish customers.

Lorne (square sausage) 
basically beef sausage meat formed into a square and sliced. A little bit spicier and firmer than normal beef sausage but an essential ingredient for Scottish breakfast. 

Beef & Mustard
A traditional accompaniment to beef, mustard give it that added bite.

Beef & Guinness
Beef blend particularly well with Irish black beer. This sausage is gaining a lot of devotees.

Beef & Tomato
Spicier than the pork variety this sausage contains onions and more spice, excellent for the barbecue.

Lamb & Mint
A tried and tested combination for the palate but still the only sausage I make with lamb.

Venison is such a strongly flavoured meat that it is difficult to influence its flavour. Venison has a strong Hampshire connection with the New Forest.

A coarse cut sausage from South Africa containing pork and beef flavoured with black pepper, vinegar and cloves. Contains no wheat 

Travelling in the 70's I came across 'bratwurst' (German for grill sausage) I was so impressed that I needed to know how to make them. I returned to Germany and spent some time with German butchers who showed me how bratwurst were made. One butcher had a rather large plain looking daughter and no son. His English was non -existent and my German was patchy but he seemed to insinuate that he was looking for a likely lad to take on his shop and other duties. I was young and a bit slow at the time. I left without a date with his daughter but with a recipe for bratwurst. It is ausgezeitschnett.

There are a number of varieties of bratwurst available

French but made using the German method contains lamb beef and pork and is flavoured with paprika and black pepper a bit like the Spanish chorizo.

A coarse cut sausage flavoured with black pepper and garlic really good hot but even better cold.

A customer came in one day and asked if I could make a sausage to her recipe. I said I would. This recipe was from Goa in India and contained fresh ginger, garlic and coriander. Made with coarse cut pork. It seemed to work in the opposite way of traditional sausages because instead of tasting a blend of spices you can taste each individual spice. Never the less it works very well. 

This recipe originated in Poland, as Cabanas, It is a pork sausage using coarse cut meat that is cured (turned to bacon) flavoured with garlic and sweet paprika, smoked and that is as far as I can go. It is best cooked for half an hour in a slow oven, gas mark 3, and if you can resist eating them they are wonderful cold sliced as garnish or used on pizzas. 
This is by no means the end of the sausage variations, in fact it is only the beginning. So why not come down and try some. Buy as many or as few as you want.